Business License / B & O Tax

PUBLIC NOTICE: We are pleased to announce the City of Bainbridge Island is partnering with the Washington State Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service (BLS) in 2018 to process City business licenses and renewals.

Benefits include:

  • One stop shopping to maintain and renew your license
  • E-Check and Credit Card payment options
  • Valuable savings in travel time, wait time, and bookkeeping costs

We are working with BLS to ensure a smooth transition. Our businesses will be notified as the BLS system for the City of Bainbridge Island is ready to go online. We anticipate BLS to be in place no later than October 2018. Please free to contact Finance and Administration with questions at 206-780-8591.


This conversion meets the requirements of EHB 2005 to improve the business climate in Washington State by simplifying the administration of municipal general business licenses. For more information on the State Legislative initiative on the simplification of local business licensing and tax, see the Local Tax & Licensing Simplification Task Force: A report to the Legislature per Engrossed House Bill 2959.

Please Note: City of Bainbridge Island 2018 Business License Renewals and 2017 Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax Forms were mailed January 5, 2018. Businesses must return their renewals and taxes by February 28, 2018, to keep their licenses valid and in good standing. If no renewal packet is received, please contact Finance and Administration at 206-780-8591.


2018 Business License Application (PDF)
2018 Nonprofit Business License Application (PDF)
2017 Business and Occupation Tax Report (PDF) 

Please contact the Finance and Administrative Services Department via email with any questions about licensing requirements for doing business on Bainbridge Island at 206-780-8668.