Notary Services

Times & Requirements

Notary services are typically available at City Hall during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.* Appointments are encouraged and there is a fee of $5 per document. Photo identification is required. There is no fee for documents relating to City business. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Deputy City Clerk (780-8604).


The notary must witness your signature. Do not sign your documents until you are in front of the notary. 

Witness Signatures

Customers requiring witness signatures before a notary public must provide their own witnesses at the time of notarization. The individual whose document is being notarized must personally know the witness and valid photo identification must be provided.

Location & Specifics

Please note that not all notary services are performed at City Hall typically because the document lacks or does not contain a standard notary block. In addition, requests such as extensive real estate transactions and complex wills or estate documents may not be accommodated.

Notary services for true and correct copies will only be performed for City-related business documents. Check the Yellow Pages or search the internet for other notary locations in the area for these services.

Helpful Information

We cannot prepare notary documents on your behalf, nor offer legal advice. For more information, see Chapter 42.44 RCW, Notaries Public.

*Ordinarily, a notary will be available during business hours. However, if a staff person is not available, we will offer you the opportunity to make an appointment with the Deputy City Clerk