Customer Surveys

Results Year-to-Date 2016

In 2012, the department began sending out 20 customer surveys at random each month to individuals who had contact with a member of the department during the previous month. The intent of the survey is to give the citizens we serve an opportunity to evaluate how we’re doing in order to recognize our successes and identify areas that need improvement.  Respondents are provided with a postage paid return envelope and survey answers are anonymous.

Total Surveys Mailed YTD = 180
Total Responses Received YTD = 57
Overall Response Rate YTD = 32%

Overall impression of the officer or employee with whom the respondent interacted:
Very High 72%; High 19%; Average 5%; Low, Very Low, or Not Indicated 4%

Comments received in 2016:
  • Great patrol officers & quick and professional response.
  • The officer was very thorough and when I said that I didn't email, he gave me his cell number and has always answered me back, when I suggested a possible place to look for who side-swiped me  (they haven't been found).  The technology with him being able to take pictures even when it was dark out, also impressed me!
  • (The officer) was very professional and friendly and showed interest in my case.
  • Having our property damaged (bushes and trees cut) right after we bought our home on B.I. made us have some regrets moving here.  But Officer Gary Koon was very reassuring and responsive.  His suggestions were very valuable, and he said that they will make a stronger presence in the Wing Point community area which will be very helpful.  A lot of the neighbors have asked me if the police are going to do that (in the B residences area)... so I think overall this situation may make our community feel safer now that the police are aware!
  • (The officer was) kind, understanding, and conversational.
  • (The officer) was very kind and got my information and filed the report quickly.
  • Bainbridge is a great, safe place to live thanks to the efforts of the CoBI PD.
  • Very professional and friendly interaction.
  • The officers I spoke to were very insightful to my situation.
  • I was never given a police report.
  • Small crime, lots of service.  Thanks.
  • I appreciated the officer could tell when lies were being told.  Good training.
  • Phone tag getting my case # for fraud that happened in Texas - still don't have it but it takes two to tango & I'm a lousy dance partner.
  • Thank you, officer, for listening and reacting very fairly.  I appreciated your patience and understanding.
  • Officers at my daughter's collision were so caring.  So were firemen and EMTs.  Great work to all BI first responders.
  • The officer was very gentle with me, as I was in a lot of pain.
  • I feel the officers handled the situation well.
  • Officers were very friendly, helpful, and made us feel like they cared about our situation.
  • Your officers were extremely sensitive to the issue that had taken place and the fact that my children were present.  I felt that the officers were genuinely concerned about me and my circumstances.  I was extremely embarrassed and the officers assured me that there was nothing to be ashamed of.  I did not expect the level of respect nor concern from these two officers.  At that time I thanked God for them.  In the past, my thought had been tainted by the media and what I had seen about police brutality towards the African American Community.  Well, these two officers laid those images to rest.
  • Thank you for being friendly and there for every need - keep being awesome!!
  • Everybody was great!  (Written on the mailing envelope with a hand-drawn red heart.)
  • The customer service has always been good.  I wish they had a few more resources to follow up after a crime has been committed.
  • (The officer) was very helpful and listened to me and I felt my son and I were cared for by BIPD.  Thank you!
  • Officer indicated displeasure in having to fill out the paperwork involved with the vandalism of our 4 neighborhood mailboxes.  I would like to have a status/followup to my case, regardless of how small a case it may be.
  • The officer was very professional, polite, and straightforward.  He was also supportive.
  • Came in to get a CPL.  Great service!  Awesome staff!
  • The officer was very professional and friendly.  I was very disappointed that the department failed to notify me that my vehicle had been recovered and impounded in Tacoma on a Saturday.  I did not find out until Monday afternoon and had to pay $500 to get car out of impound.  The windshield smashed.
  • Two patrol cars stopped me.  Could have given me a warning.
  • Pleasant interactions with both office staff and officer.
  • Very positive and professional.  I also received a follow-up email that ws helpful.
  • Detective was detailed and informative.  Officer (was) very thorough and patient and helpful - reset garage code to make me feel more safe!
  • Most officers and staff are great.  One occasion of young new policeman not knowledgable about the law.
  • (The officer) was polite, personable, straight forward and accurate.  Great job!
  • I thought the officers did all they could and I also got good followup after the fact with (your detectives).
  • Quick response.
  • Very professional and efficient.
  • (The officer) was extremely professional and thorough.  He was polite, courteous, and made me feel at ease.  Impressed that before he made contact with me he did a perimeter check of my house.
  • I'm afraid I didn't capture names, but everyone was first class!
  • The staff member was knowledgeable, polite, and helpful.
  • We know your job is challenging!  Please know that we greatly appreciate what you do. We just want to be treated as community members and with respect - not intimidation or fear.  When we first moved here, we heard real horror stories about all kinds of things - shootings of mentally ill people, intimidation, drug raids of the wrong house - torn apart & just left, kids hassled, etc.  We want community proactive involvement and policing.  Thank you.
  • Can't remember the officer's name but he was extremely nice and helpful.
  • Comment contained highly personal information related to the incident and was not recorded here.  DC Horn assigned someone to follow up with commenter. 
  • I was not happy to receive a citation in the mail, since I paid my boat registration.  I have challenged the citation but have yet to hear from the municipal court.  I would like someone to contact me giving me my court date to appeal the ticket.  DC Horn assigned someone to follow up with commenter.
  • Very professional, polite, and effective.