Stormwater Utility

The City of Bainbridge Island is required to provide surface water management services by state and federal law. The surface water management programs address impacts from stormwater runoff such as flooding, erosion, pollution, habitat degradation, and low stream flows. To pay for these services, a fee is assessed on property owners within the City.

The City is committed to managing stormwater runoff to protect life, property and habitat from flooding and erosion; to channel runoff to minimize impacts to daily activities; to protect the quality of groundwater, surface water, and the waters of Puget Sound; and to provide recharge of groundwater where appropriate.

Services we provide

In summary, the stormwater utility fee helps provide assistance with comprehensive storm drainage plans, implements the Phase II Stormwater Management Plan, requires new development to provide both on-site and off-site stormwater improvements, and uses low impact development standards to encourage infiltration of stormwater over surface discharge to downstream systems, so as to encourage the return of uncontaminated precipitation to the soil.

See the City of Bainbridge Island's current Comprehensive Plan for additional Information

Over the years, the City Council has raised the surface water management fee to ensure continued protection and improvements for drainage and water quality. These increases help to:

  • Repair aging facilities
  • Accelerate projects to reduce polluted runoff from roads and restore habitat
  • Continue to help and assist farmers and residential landowners
  • Manage infrastructure effectively to reduce costly emergency maintenance, and
  • Comply with more rigorous state stormwater regulations

For a brief history of the City's surface water management program and fee, click here.

How current fees are calculated

13.24.110 utility service charge calculation )

Impervious surface unit (ISU) is estimated at 3,000 square feet of impervious ground cover and is the unit of measurement used by the utility in assessing service charges. 

  1. Single family residential property will be charged one ISU
  2. Single family residential parcels that contain an additional structure that is equal to or exceeds 3000 square feet of impervious ground cover will be assessed an additional service charge for each such structure
  3. Other developed property parcels within mixed use condominium properties that include both residential and nonresidential properties will be deemed to contain one equivalent ISU per condominium unit
  4. Multifamily and other developed property parcels

          a.  Actual impervious ground cover/ 3,000 square feet x single family service charge
          b.  Fractions shall be rounded to the nearest whole number but not less than one ISU per developed property

How fees are collected and spent

Kitsap County collects surface water management fees and they appear on your property tax statement. While not a tax, these fees are like other fees for service (from local fire or library districts for example).

This money is used to ensure continued protection and improvement of drainage and water quality on Bainbridge Island.


Other helpful SSWM Fee Information


• For specific billing questions (delinquencies, missed payments, incorrect billing amount) contact Alain Huggler:

• For questions on parcel changes, storm water mitigation credits, and impervious surface area calculations, contact Marilyn Guthrie: or Christian Berg:  Please include your parcel number and a short description of your issue in your email so we can respond as quickly as possible. Alternately, we can be reached by telephone at the following numbers:

• Alain Huggler: (206) 780-8621
• Marilyn Guthrie: (206) 780-3724
• Christian Berg: (206) 780-3784 
13.24.131 Rate reductions
13.24.132 Property exempt from service charges
13.24.140 Billing and payment
13.24.150 Service charge adjustments and appeals