Critical Areas Ordinance Update

What’s New

The City Council adopted the Critical Areas Ordinance Update at their February 27, 2018 business meeting.  The updated critical areas regulations do not take effect until April 23, 2018.

Ordinance 2018-01 Critical Areas Ordinance Update

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) document is available.

Background documents available for review include:

Summary of Public Comments by Date
Summary of Public Comments by Topic
Proposed Changes to Draft CAO Based on Public Comments
Best Available Science Review
 BAS Review Attachment A
 BAS Review Attachment B

Summary Sheets

Two summary sheets are available to provide a quick look at proposed changes in the critical areas ordinance:

Critical Areas Ordinance Summary Sheet - Provides a high-level overview of proposed changes throughout the ordinance.

Native Vegetation Protection Area - Answers the questions, "Where did the idea come from?" and "What is it and where does it apply?" about the new Native Vegetation Protection Area (NVPA) requirement in the critical aquifer recharge areas section (BIMC 16.20.100).

Draft Documents

City Council Revised Public Hearing Draft - January 30, 2018
City Council Revised Public Hearing Draft - January 9, 2018
City Council Revised Public Hearing Draft - November 14, 2017
City Council Revised Public Hearing Draft - October 24, 2017
City Council Public Hearing Draft - October 3, 2017
Planning Commission Recommended Draft Ordinance


Background Information

Supporting information for the CAO update includes:
SEPA Notice of Determination of Non-Significance
SEPA Environmental Checklist
Issues/Topics for Consideration  
Background, Scope of Work and Schedule 
Current CAO  
Critical Areas Ordinance Transmittal Memo to Council

Schedule and Opportunities for Public Input

Public participation is invited throughout the CAO update process. Check this page for updated project information, timelines, draft documents and meeting notices. You may also join an email listserv to receive timely project notifications:  Notify Me
If you have questions or comments regarding this project please contact Senior City Planner Christy Carr at (206) 780-3719 or