Public Art Program

City Ordinance 3.80 created the Public Art Works Program and Fund. This ordinance allows for two percent of eligible funds for capital projects to be directed into the established Public Art Fund for the funding of public art projects. Expenditures from the fund are made at the discretion of the City Council, and the fund is administered by the City Finance Director. The City is responsible for the inventory and conservation of the current public art collection. The City’s current public art portfolio is worth over $300,000 and includes 23 pieces of art located throughout the City.

Current Public Art Portfolio

Recent Acquisitions
“Tribute Baskets” by Christine Clarke, 2016. Located in Waypoint Park.

"Pod" by Kristin Tollefson, 2015. Located outside of the entrance to the BPA.

Permanent Collection

The Public Art Committee
The Public Art Committee (PAC) is a group of citizen volunteers who are dedicated to enhancing the public space through access to public art. The committee members are appointed by Arts and Humanities Bainbridge (AHB). PAC is responsible for proposing new works to the City Council, assisting with design and implementation of installations, and advising the City on maintenance of the existing collection. The Committee meets monthly. For more information on the Committee, or on how to get involved, please visit the AHB Public Art Program website, or contact AHB at